Etiquette Rules Every Home Seller Should Follow

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Your house has been staged and cleaned, top to bottom. The photos have been taken and it looks really good!  You are proud of all the recent changes and updates made to get it market ready.

But did you know there is one person that can hinder the sale of your house? Believe it or not, it is you! Now is the time to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes by following the 6 rules laid out below.


6 Rules to Follow


#1: Leave You Home When Asked and Please Stay Away

There are going to be blocks of time when your Realtor is going to ask you to leave. They include:

  • Realtor Tours
  • Individual House Showings
  • Open Houses
  • Buyer Inspections
  • Buyer Appraisals

Be very accommodating and be sure to leave early and stay away long after the time elapses, especially on second showings. Let the buyers relax and envision themselves living in your home.

#2 Take All Pets with You

You may think Fido is harmless and won’t bother a flea or your cat will disappear when new people enter the house, but you really don’t know how a mixture of your pets and a potential buyer is going to mix. In addition, if you own other animals including birds, snakes or bearded dragons, find temporary homes for them while your house is on the market. Last, be sure to remove all pet dishes and vacuum thoroughly before each showing. While you may not smell your pets, they do carry a distinct odor that may be keeping potential buyers at bay.


#3 Put Cars in the Garage or Store Vehicles Off-Site

Before leaving, make sure any spare cars, trailers, motorcycles or RVs are in the garage, not in your driveway. You want potential buyers to get a feel for your entire property without viewing the clutter of spare vehicles.


#4 Pretend the Visitors are Your Guests

Shovel the driveway and walkway, tidy up your home, run a vacuum and put out some snacks and refreshments. Bottled water and cookies are always a big hit with visitors and may subtly encourage them to spend more time in your home.


#5 Be Patient with Feedback and Listen to it

Feedback will come to both you and your Realtor just as soon as the showing agent responds to the feedback request. Sometimes that might take 2-3 days.  Listen to what is being said, talk to your Realtor and determine what changes you are able to make.


#6 Treat Your Agent Like a Professional

Many home sellers in Hudson Ohio are college educated professionals that have worked in the business world for many years. Full-time realtors are also educated and are required to keep up on the latest rules and regulations in the housing industry. In addition, they know how to show your house. When they share with you ideas and feedback, be sure to treat them with respect, as you would a fellow co-worker.


Ready to Sell Your Home?


I am Hudson’s Hometown Broker and available to help sell your home as quickly as possible! Being in the Hudson Ohio real estate market for decades and having sold thousands of homes, provides me with a leg up to assist you in this emotional process. Please give me a call or send me a text at 330-608-4647 and I will get right back to you!


  1. Great simple advise to remember and apply when listing a home. Any thing one can do to make the showings comfortable for a potential buyer and easier for brokers is a plus for any seller.
    Thank you for posting these tips. I will remember these when I list my home for sale.

    • Gail Royster

      on   said 

      Thank you so much for your comment. I will be happy to give you a free, in-home analysis when you are ready to list.


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