16 Top Tips for Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

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It is widely viewed that from now until the end of January is the worst time of year to put your house on the market.

But…is it really?

I will share with you that holiday buyers are more serious and motivated this time of year. Often, they need to be in the greater Hudson Ohio area, either for work or family reasons, and want to buy a home they will enjoy for many years to come. Let it be yours!

Here are 16 creative ways to sell your house and still enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.


  1. Trim down on the number of decorations.
    Too many decorations can make your rooms look crowded, small and ultimately distract and turn-off the buyer. Want to know if it is too much? Ask me for advice and pay attention to the feedback of other Realtors after your house showings.
  2. Rather than have having a large tree, purchase and decorate a tabletop one.
  3. Use red and/or white holiday lights as they have more of an emotional appeal.
  4. If you desire the fresh scent of pine, opt for evergreen garlands or centerpieces.

Home Presentation

  1. Post high quality photos.
    Make sure the photos taken are during the brightest moment of the day, and if possible, when there are no clouds in the sky.
  2. Shoot a video tour.
    Because buyers are going to spend more time on the Internet in the winter, be sure to have a video tour of the house so individuals can get a really good view of what you have to offer.

Outside Your Home

  1. Work on curb appeal.
    Even though it is winter, it is still important to:

    1. Touch up the outside paint
    2. Remove all the leaves and loose branches
    3. Clean the gutters
    4. Make sure the driveway, walkways and stairs are free from snow and ice.

Inside Your Home

  1. Replace lower wattage light bulbs with the maximum wattage the fixture can take.
    Since some of your showing may be at night, you want your house to really light up and it can with better lighting.
  2. Hire a staging company.
    A stager can make sure your holiday decorations are just right and move your furniture around so you house looks open and inviting. I can recommend my favorite staging company.

Work with Your Realtor

  1. Work on a direct mail/email campaign to draw in buyers.
    Sit down with your realtor and brainstorm about organizations and individuals that might need to buy on a deadline. This could include individuals transferring into the area, college faculty and real estate investors who want to purchase before year-end. Consider targeting the HR departments of the following organizations:

    1. University of Akron
    2. Kent State University
    3. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
    4. InfoCision
    5. Summa Health Systems
    6. Sterling Jewelers
    7. First Energy
    8. JoAnn (which is right here in Hudson)
  2. Price your home to sell.
    Even though inventory is still low in this area, price your home so you don’t have to go back and forth much on a final offer. During this busy season, many people are unavailable, including the buyer’s Realtor, the buyer, appraiser and lender. Keep your price viable, but not too high.
  3. Host a holiday open house with your Realtor.
    Invite your family, friends and neighbors over for some holiday cheer and encourage them to invite anyone they know who is looking for a house.

Just Before Each Showing

  1. Crank up the heat.
    Set your thermostat at 72 degrees or higher, if needed. You want to present a warm, inviting home.
  2. Play classical music softly in the background.
  3. Make homemade cookies or treats and have a plate out for your potential buyers.
    Put festive napkins out and a sign around the plate encouraging them to take one.
  4. Put out disposable boot covers by the front door and ask potential buyers to wear them or remove their boots.
    Be sure to have a boot tray available for removal.


Count on Hudson’s Hometown Broker

I am a dedicated real estate broker and am available during Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s! I will go above and beyond to sell your home and ease your stress, so you can truly enjoy the season with family and friends. Call me at 330-608-4647 to set up your free in-home analysis!

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